Fuck A Friend Zone

Jacquees, Def Loaf
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Jacquees X Dej Loaf
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          Dej Loaf and Jacquees have arrived as a duo with their mixtape "Fuck A Friend Zone." This 13 track mixtape is 40 minutes long, each song ranging from 2-3:30 minutes. Dej and Jacquees cover their bases in the hip-hop and r&b genre. The songs are very diverse and explore all areas of hip-hop and r&b but stick strictly to the two genres. The project begins with title track Fuck A Friend Zone, Jacquees and Dej Loaf sing about their feelings for each other referencing the growth in their careers. The song is a great introduction to the mixtape and the artists themselves. At the Club is a song that was meant to be played in the club, this song is more like pop r&b. Hold This is probably my favorite song, it has that classic r&b synth wih that classic r&b bassline. Set it Off is a unique song. It has a fast tempo because of this trap techno sounding beat, it reminds me of the intermission music played on Adult Swim. Deeper is a Jacquees heavy song, which is nice because his vocals really can shine when he's on a record on his own, this song is proof. Deeper is a r&b song  with some popular trap samples. You Belong to Somebody Else is a trap ballad with both Jacquees and Dej Loaf on vocals, it's a great song, but I could do without the dialog in the middle of the song. Overall the mixtape is great. Give it a listen!

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Sounds Like: 
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Set it Off: Unique trap beat, techno sounding but in a good way. 4/5
Hold This: baby making r&b. 5/5
Deeper: r&b trapy banger, great Jacquees vocals. 5/5
Brieana Sealy
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