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          Money Bagg Yo's "Hearttless" is his Valentines Day mixtape. This is a trapped out V-day mixtape, so popular topics include: trapping, side chicks, and haters. The project has two features from YFN Lucci and Lil Durk. The album kicks off with No Love; a song about dudes Bagg grew up with that switched up on him now. Pride is a song about trying to mend an dysfunctional relationship. Bagg is trying to make things right with his girl in lines like "lets put the shit behind us, lets put that pride to the side." it's a great kickback song, but it's not a banger. Maney Bagg's voice and flow is sound similar to Gucci Mane in Nonchalent, for that reason I like the song. It's an "i'm feeling myself" type song and some of the verses are clever and funny. Baggs threats like "Hearing rumors ‘bout robbing me, I ain’t goin’ for it and you know it, I keep that thang on me, You gon’ hug god if I blow it," are  great. Don't kno is purely a song about a side chick; "She don’t know my mother, She fuck with my brothers, We just be linking up and fucking," but there's mutual feeling of the relationship not progressing, "She got a nigga and I got a bitch, We don’t tell on each other." Different from a lot of rappers who rap about having side chicks and breaking their hearts. With This Money sounds like a Future and Young Thug track. YFN Lucci sounding like Young Thug and Money Bagg Yo sounding similar to Future. Overall the tape is good, but the sound is very familiar to the rest of the trap music I've heard recently. If You are a trap head then the similar sound won't bother you at all. My favorite song on the tape is Pride, it was a nice switch of pace from the trap bangers. Check this tape out!

Sounds Like: 
Gucci Mane
Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Yo Gotti
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Nonchalent: Sounds like Gucci Mane, has some great punch lines and verses. 4/5
Pride: gangsta trap rap "lets make up" love song with a chill beat. 5/5
Brieana Sealy
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