7" Piece of Paper and Audio Cassette Tape

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CCTV are a band (supposedly) at the forefront of the underground Midwestern hardcore revival scene. Most of this music is pretty underground and DIY and spread in fame almost entirely due to notorious youtube channel Jimmy (RIP) who uploaded DIY punk released from all over the place. With most of the Midwestern underground scene currently  being composed of DEVO revivalists, CCTV take clear inspiration from the Minutemen instead. The songwriting is remarkably good for a DIY punk release, but this is one of the few albums where the lowproduction value and DIY ethic show through in not necessarily a good way. The production and mixing on this release is just bad. And not in a way that sounds intentionally low-fi, but instead it just sounds dated. If you asked me to listen to this album knowing nothing about it and told me it was a release from 2016, I absolutely would not believe you until looking into it myself. Maybe it's because I'm accustomed to listening to music in the era of the Loudness War, but everything on this album is quiet and dull, and all the vocals and instruments sound vaguely drowned out. Overall though the songs are good and it is a release that I did enjoy, despite the problems I had with the technical side of the album.

Sounds Like: 
The Soviettes
Sounds Like: 
Recommended Tracks: 
1: Bob Ee - Great post punk song, uptempo and exciting
3: God's Will - Sounds a lot like a Minutemen song
Alex Siegel
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