Why Love Now

Pissed Jeans
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Sub Pop
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PA-based hardore band Pissed Jeans put out an excellent record with Why Love Now. Punk releases can often be plagued by similar problems as genres like standard Indie Rock or Garage Rock, in that a vast majority of the music sounds very similar and there isn't a whole lot of things to distinguish bands from one another. Pissed Jeans manage to capture raw punk energy but play music that sounds oddly progressive for a genre that notoriously rejected any forms of complex or innovative songwriting or musical elements. The beginning of the album has 2 songs that straight up sound like hardore sludge. "Waiting on my Horrible Warning" and "Ignorecam" both feature slow tempos and heavily distorted guitars, topped off by manic screams. It sounds a lot like the back half of Black Flag's "My War." And I mean that in an incredibly positive way. With punk (and especially hardcore) bands so often relying on breakneck tempos in order to achieve and maintain their sense of urgency, it's refreshing to see a band succeed at doing the same thing but without having a crazy high BPM to fall back on. Some moments on the album, such as "Cold Whip Cream," are fairly standard punk/hardcore, but overall I think this album is a near perfect mixture of punk energy and musical experimentation. 

Sounds Like: 
Fucked Up
Sounds Like: 
Black Flag
Recommended Tracks: 
3-Ignorecam: Slow but intense song
10-Have You Ever Been Furniture: Pretty standard punk/hardcore but with an absolutely fucking insane drum beat
Alex Siegel
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