Terrible Human Beings

The Orwells
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The Orwells broke into indie mainstream with their 2014 album Disgraceland, and have just returned with their follow-up, Terrible Human Beings. This album isn't much different from their previous work, but the reasons why they ever became popular are still quite apparent. The album is full of solid riffs, but at 13 songs, the album feels pretty bloated, as there isn't much to differentiate the songs from each other, and by the end of it they all sound pretty same-ish. Garage rock is a pretty overdone genre, and anybody familair with any modern garage rock knows pretty much what to expect from this album. The singles are far and away the best songs on the album, and the deeper cuts noticeably feel like filler. The album is only 38 minutes long but it definitely seemed to drag on towards the end of my first listen. As an album I would say it isn't as tight as their last effort, Disgraceland, and is simply okay, however, the songs individually are all great and I would highly reccomend playing a song or two on your radio show. 

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Twin Peaks
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1-They Put the Body in the Bayou: Far and away the best song on the album. Upbeat, great riffs, super catchy chorus
7-Buddy: The most uptempo song on the album, real fast and punky. Only a minute and a half long.
Alex Siegel
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