Wyclef Jean
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Heads Music
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J’ouvert is the second EP released by Wyclef Jean. Not being a huge Wyclef fan, I really wasn’t sure what to expect going into this project. The Fugees produced some great songs that I still really enjoy but of course I wasn’t expecting a 2017 Wyclef project to sound anything like a classic such as The Score. This project is actually pretty commercial and seems to be taking advantage of the huge dancehall trend and even has some trap influences. However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy parts of this project. There are some really cool and even emotional moments on this EP. For example, on the track “Hendrix”, Wyclef describes his early life and passion for music in a very emotional but catchy and lively way. There are also acoustic versions of some of the songs if the commercial aspect of the record throws you off a bit. There’s nothing too crazy going on with this project, but it was a fun listen and I’d recommend it to fans of pop-rap.

Sounds Like: 
Young Thug
Recommended Tracks: 
2 I Swear: Young Thug is on this track automatically making it the best track
8 Hendrix: really cool and fun track, catchy
Brandon Serrano
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