Old Time Assault
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Old Time Assault, a clawhammer banjo group from St. Louis, Missouri has recently released their first major album, Caxtons. Caxtons is certainly an ode to folk music and its rugged roots. This banjo-centered composition has a very acoustic feel throughout. With music approaching a point in which it could be considered overwhelming, the appeal becomes prominent. It would be especially useful for easy listening on an afternoon in the house or a quiet moment.  Take time to appreciate the rugged and uncut features of the vocals and instrumentation. The fiddle also serves as a notable flavor throughout the album, occasionally stealing the melody and providing a warm sound. I would recommend this album for shows that focus more on easy listening or folk-based themes. 

Sounds Like: 
Mumford and Sons
Recommended Tracks: 
5. Caxtons: Acoustic sound accentuates the album's sound.
11. All I'll Ever Have: Easy going tune with a distinctly folksy sound.
Nick Ziolkowski
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