Windy City

Alison Krauss
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Hokker, Inc.
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This record was a good listen, but at times the easy-listening feel of the record got boring. Not that it's bad by any means--however, the album did not have much variation and I don't think it did a good job of highlighting Krauss's versatility. It's still a classic country record though. If I found this album in my grandparents' records in between Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline I wouldn't be surprised. Krauss's voice is also flawless. She has one of the best voices in all of country music, and this didn't change on Windy City. She also covers multiple old country songs, and her perfect, gospel-tinged voice sounds fantastic on all of them. My main complaint with this album is that she doesn't explore that much, but she also does not really need to. She's clearly found out what works for her. I also understand that she is mainly a country artist, but many of the songs are too honky-tonk and rompy for me. For someone with such a versatile talent who has worked with such a wide range of people, I woudl have liked to see her to try different things, or at least sing more solid rock songs. That said, one of the largest complaints I have with modern country music is that it is either very polished, formulaic, and awful, or that it is too bare-bones and guttural to be catchy. Krauss balances this masterfully. The songs are all very obviously professionally crafted, but they maintain the personable and emotional touch that makes country music great. I would recommend giving this a listen, but if you get two minutes into a song and you're not enjoying it just skip to the next one. 

Sounds Like: 
Patty Griffin
Sounds Like: 
Dolly Parton
Recommended Tracks: 
Windy City- this really showcases how good Krauss's voice is
All Alone Am I- a very depressing classic country song
Will Fotter
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