Trust No One (Single)

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Reel Life Productions
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After what can only called "minimal research" on who Esham is and what he's about, I can say with confidence that he is definitely on that grind. Esham has consistently dropped at least 1 album a year for the last 20, and he's gotten a pretty decent fan following. This year, in lieu of his upcoming album "Scribble", Esham dropped the first single off of it called "Trust No One". The beat is alright, and the concept of trusting no one isn't an original idea, but I'd like to point out the lyrics to this song, which almost 100% consist of him listing off people who not to trust. It started off with me thinking that this guy was a weird emo kid, with lyrics like "When the sun goes down and the darkness comes trust no one". I thought this was a single off of a new Evanescence album or something, but no that just Esham's style, acid rap and horror core, as it was described by his website, where you can get the latest on all Esham's future drops. Anyways, I'm sure this was a pretty good single for all of Esham's fans, and I personally feel nothing either way to his upcoming album. So there you have it.

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Bernie Mac
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2. This is the clean radio edit
Jacob Sky Bruse
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