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Ed Banger Records
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"Woman" by Justice isn't exactly anything new from the French electronic duo but that doesn't prevent it from still being a great album. There are occasionally songs that aren't the usual electronic pop and synth sounds that they usually rely on, such as "Heavy Metal" and "Chorus." While I believe these songs mostly serve to keep the album from sounding too monotonous, they still provide content and variety so I wouldn't necessarily pass over them. I have no problem with how Justice is trying to stay mainstream; I think it's important to keep your audience happy and try to build off of what is popular right now. With all that being said, I highly recommend this album. "Woman" is fun, dreamy, and uplifting which is perfect for putting yourself into a good mood or finding something to just jam or dance to. The tracks that include vocals, such as "Safe and Sound" and "Randy," keep the album from feeling too repetitive (which I think can be a common problem in the RPM genre considering how the sounds can feel too formulaic or computed).  "Safe and Sound" is my favorite since it has more of a disco sound that will make you want to dance around. I noticed that I found myself swaying back and forth as I listened to it alone in my room, so needless to say that the groove is quite infectious. Overall, I feel that if you're looking for something that is classic EDM and that you can dance to, this album is it. If you want something more experimental then this isn't for you.

Sounds Like: 
Daft Punk
Sounds Like: 
Chase & Status
Recommended Tracks: 
"Safe and Sound (Radio Edit)" (*****) - Pop song with clean vocals and a cute sound to it
"Heavy Metal" (****) - Completely different from the rest of the album; more rock-based
Alli Gilbreath
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