Shining - Single

DJ Khaled ft. Beyoncé & Jay Z
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Appropriately released following the 2017 Grammy Awards, DJ Khaled surprised fans with a brand new track off his upcoming album...with fucking Beyoncé AND Jay Z. Despite speculation of a split between the couple and the fact that they haven't collaborated together since 2013, Khaled managed to get Bey and Jay to snatch us all with "Shining", a track about winning and prospering. 

Despite being a DJ Khaled song, the obvious stars are Beyoncé and Jay Z. Bey sounds like she's having the time of her life on the track, and sings for a majority of the song.While not exactly rapping, Beyoncé's lines are delivered with spice and vigor, similar to her work on "Drunk in Love" or "Formation". Jay Z has been relatively quite for quite some time, so its very reassuring that he can still deliver bars every now and then. My favorite line of the song is delivered by Jay, in which he says "Ran to the dealer, bought twin Mercedes / the European trucks for the twin babies", which makes me even more happy for the couple!

Although I might sound extremely biased considering I am the definition of a rabbid Beyoncé fan, "Shining" is a stellar DJ Khaled track, and the Bey and Jay collab that the world needed after such a long period of time without one. I'm surprised that this song isn't more popular, and feel that it could've dominated the carts with more marketing or promotion. DJ Khaled may be the source of many memes, but you can't say the man isn't talented. 

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DJ Khaled
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Jay Z
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1. Shining - My wig? SNATCHED.
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