St. Tropez

St. Tropez
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7, 9, 10
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Self-described as "four guys making garage-punk in a former gay sauna by the canals of Amsterdam," St. Tropez is quite the interesting garage punk band. I can only imagine what spending a day in that former gay sauna is like which may be why there music is nearly maddening with the rough and powerful sounds they produce. While I'm typically not one to enjoy rough styles of alternative, St. Tropez's style isn't too violent to not be enjoyable. Most of the songs feature the typical formulaic sounds of classic alternative rock but they put their own yachtpunk twist on things.While the lyrics may only be somewhat relatable, the overall sound and aura of the album gives a relatable and somewhat nostalgic feeling of it. Songs like "Cut Me Loose" and "I Wanna Live In St. Tropez" have a sound that calls back to the days of when some of us wanted to have our own garage band based off of our rock and roll inspirations. (Sounds old and cliche but true). Although this album is fairly short (most songs are barely over two minutes), it still packs quite a punch into it that you can only find with a classically garage punk band like St. Tropez.

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Foster Care
Sounds Like: 
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"I Don't Wanna Fall In Love" (****) - Lyrics give that nostalgic aura I mentioned. Somewhat less heavy than the other songs but still garage punk
"Fake It" (****) - Overall good instrumentals and powerful vocals
Alli Gilbreath
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