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BJ the Chicago Kid
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Bryan Sledge, professionally known as BJ the Chicago Kid, is honestly a very underrated artist. Although most people have probaby heard him on other artists' songs (Studio by ScHoolboy Q and F.U.B.U. by Solange are examples that come to mind), his own music deserves more recognition. A good mixture of soul and modern hip-hop beats, BJ the Chicago Kid has released a new single called "Roses", a little over a year after the release of his second album In My Mind.

'Roses" is a smooth, R&B track, that was released just in time for Valentine's Day. Sledge's voice sounds as strong as ever, and his flow is as smooth as butter here, akin to Miguel or The-Dream. The lyrical content displays Sledge not being able to read the girl of interest's mind, and feels as if she is playing with his head. This doesn't stop him though, and he seems to be saying that he'll keep pursuing her. One of my favorite lines from the song reads "What's the use of venom baby if you never gone bite?" 

This is one of the sexiest songs I've heard all year, and always appreciate new R&B music, considering trap is the new craze at the moment. If you've never heard of BJ the Chicago Kid, do yoursef a favor and listen to his work, or even is collabortations with other artists. Good shit right here!

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1. Roses - A smooth, romantic Valentine's Day track. Recommended!
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