God Bless Kanye West

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Strange Music Inc.
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The biggest peeve I have with rap music is when I can't understand the lyrics, or when there isn't a lot of "music" in the song...

But this song has nothing peevish about it! I was already hooked when I heard the first few seconds of the song--it has a similar sound to Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz "We Own It"-- a little piano intro with a boom-boom- pow beat.

Then I heard the rapper's voice--crystal clear! Murs' voice pulls you into the story he tells via his lyrics: 3 different scenarios where a black boy gets shot leaving his home in the hood. You can see a movie start playing in your head, imagining the scenes Murs paints through his lyrics. The pauses between sections of the songs act as cliff hangers and the transition to his next story, each progressively more "violent." And in the end, we get the moral of the story...but I'm not going to ruin it because you have to listen to the song to find out. wink

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Lupe Fiasco
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Sounds Like: 
Aesop Rock
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God Bless Kanye West:for all the reasons above
Hibah Ilyas
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