Ryan Adams
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Blue Note Records
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This was insanely good. After listening to it in its entirety, I immediately listened to it two more times. I might stay up late and listen to it again. The album is classic Ryan Adams, and he bears his alt-country troubador soul over the course of the twelve tracks. The album is his breakup album after his divorce with Mandy Moore. The songs have a lonely, alienated feel and this record would be good to listen to while driving at night. One complaint I typically have with listening to Ryan Adams albums is that he comes off as too prolific and tries to cover too much over the course of one record. This is not the case on Prisoner. The feel of the album is very concise without being truncated, and it is one of his most cohesive works. It kind of reminds me of Beck's heartbreak album, Sea Change, but with the signature Ryan Adams style. There are acoustic ballads, and then swirling, morose anthems that sound like "I'm on Fire," by Bruce Springsteen. Throughout Ryan Adams's career, it seems like he has always been trying to nail down his signature style, and on Prisoner he finally does. I highly recommend giving this a listen

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Jason Isbell
Sounds Like: 
Jeff Tweedy
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12. We Disappear- one of the most poppy songs on the album, very anthemic
5. Shiver and Shake- this sounds very similar to his "Shake it Off" cover, in a good way
Will Fotter
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