Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos
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New music from Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos has everyone in a frenzy. While Calvin Harris puts out new music quite often this song is one of the more catchy and pop-y songs I've heard in awhile. I love this song for Frank Ocean, and its great to hear new music from him before a 6 year hiatus. If Ocean keeps this up all his fans will be very happy because Calvin Harris and Frank Ocean work very well together. Now, I have never heard Migos (I know, that's a problem - I'll fix it) before this but I really enjoyed their contribution to this song. Their verses were catchy with just enough difference to make this song from a single Frank Ocean track to something a lot more people could enjoy. Overall a very catchy song - honestly probably won't become a long term hit but its fun. 

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Frank Ocean & Migos
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Slide (3:50)
Alexis Walker
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