Everybody Works

Jay Som
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I was really hyped to listen to this full length record after listening to all three singles 'The Bus Song',' 1 Billion Dogs' and 'Baybee ' which were all great.  Her last record Turn Into was also really good.  She has toured with bands like Mitski and Japanese Breakfast. Not only does she have good dreamy tracks in the record but there are also some really good straight up rock songs. With the shimmering sounding guitars and her vocals, her music kind of puts you in a daze.This record is bound to become Pitchforks best new music and you can really feel her music starting to get more people's attention. 

Sounds Like: 
ALex G
Sounds Like: 
Frankie Cosmos
Recommended Tracks: 
2.The Bus Song:like the piano in this track and very catchy
4.1 Billion Dogs: More upbeat and just a good rock track
Daniel Clark
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