Non-Airable Tracks: 
2, 3
Album Art: 

CRNKSHFT, a new metal band from Canada, just released their debut EP featuring the single "Systematic" along with three other songs. While two of them are non-airable on the radio, I recommend all of them for fans of hard rock/metal. Their website says the songs are about heartache and emotions, including "Old Habits"  and "Breaking the Silence" which deals with depression and fighting your own mind. It's definitely not as intense as some types of metal, but this is overall a really good hard rock album and I'm excited to see what else CRNKSHFT will do in the future!

Sounds Like: 
Five Finger Death Punch
Sounds Like: 
Breaking Benjamin
Recommended Tracks: 
1. Systematic: high-energy single, you'll be singing the chorus for days
4. Breaking the Silence: good song with a great message
Taylor Brestel
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