New Spirit

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After a four year hiatus, PVT, has released a new album titled, New Spirit. The first thing that caught my eye was the album art, it is very modern, bright and intriguing. The album is supposed to “explore political and cultural intolerance in Australia” which is very cool but heavy topic to take on. The music itself is very weird, anything labeled experimental music is bound to be weird. It is very synth heavy and psychedelic at times, other times it is just a bunch of sounds put together that mesh into robot music. To make it more strange, the singer's voice sounds like a stretched out version of Matt Bellamy, the singer for muse. This music could work for studying but not to pay attention to.

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Junior Boys
Recommended Tracks: 
Spirit of the Plains: Slow synth beginning is cool
Javi Perez
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