The Ninja Nation Tour-Datsik

Virtual Riot
Concert Date: 
Wed, 02/22/2017
Age Restriction: 
Rialto Theater

To describe the Tucson leg of the Ninja Nation Tour as sick and a riot would be to easy of a pun. The show, however, was truly great. Virtual Riot began the night by throwing down heavy bass. Even with a smaller crowd size Virtual Riot stuck to his roots and played an hour long set of hard dubstep. He paid homage to Excision by having the crowd “throw the X up” during his classic remix of “Codename X.” It was very interesting to watch him mix heavier tracks into well known songs without any break in flow. Virtual Riot truly showed his passion for his music through crowd communication and a sense of excitement from behind the booth. I would love to see him with a larger crowd to see how intense the show could be.

            Things really began to turn up when Crizzly got on stage. Crizzly and his hype man work perfectly together to work the crowd into a frenzy; even inciting a moshpit or two. Crizzly self describes his music as “crunkstep” which can only truly be understood when watching him live.  The crowd went absolutely wild during Crizzly’s remix of “Chain Hang Low.” This song has been a staple in Crizzly’s set for years and I hope it stays that way. By mixing trap and dubstep thought his set Crizzly built the excitement in the room for Datsik. But before Crizzly was done he had a few tricks up his sleeve. He had a multitude of drop switches and mashups that made me speechless. I may be biased in my description of Crizzly, he has been one of my favorite DJs for a long time and have had a passion for him ever since a show in 2014. In my opinion he always lives up to expectations in a live setting.

            Datsik took the show to a whole new level of excitement. After setup was complete on his new Shogun stage, he was ready to melt faces. Datsik himself has created a niche genre of dubstep. While collaborating with artists such as Excision, Snoop Dogg, and Infected Mushroom, Datsik found a sound that can shake venues thought the country. The Rialto Theatre was no exception. The whole room was filled with light as his stage, which took up the entire capacity the Rialto could offer, sent out patterns and designs that awed the crowd.

            It’s easy to say that this night had me moving my body much more than any night in recent memory. Datsik is a perfectionist. His set has the ability to keep people going for a full two hours. He played a wide variety of his music, going back and forth between his older and newer styles effortlessly.

            This was a night I will remember for a long, long time. The openers were fantastic in their own rights and to the build up to Datsik. As I said before I haven’t moved so much in a night in a long night. It was a wonderful night spent head banging until I couldn’t feel my neck.


Nicholas Sergeant