Bloodshot Tokyo

The Dig
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Roll Call Records
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This album features really smooth vocals with a good beat and an interesting variation of sounds/riffs in each individual track. I would best compare the sound to a 60-70's psychedelic rock band. There is a good use of synthesizers with more traditional rock instruments:drum and electric guitar. 
My favorite song was track five, Tired of Love, as the singer's voice reminded me of Maroon 5's Adam Levine, with a more rock twist instead of pop. Overall, I think the most interesting thing about the composition of this album is the variety of sounds  mixed together. There is a lot of "futuristic" sounds that are reminiscent from the 60's (a kind of disco-y vibe), along with an interesting collection of electronic mixing (for some reason, in track one, the flute-y sounds reminded me of the Thomas the Train theme song).  This is an excellent, to-chill-to album and something I think older generations can enjoy as well.

Sounds Like: 
The Lumineers
Sounds Like: 
Maroon 5
Recommended Tracks: 
8 let your lover know:really good electric guitar intro
4 bleeding heart: playful tune with drums and some electric mixing
5 tired of love: nice lyrics, catchy song, starts slow
Hibah Ilyas
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