Eat Their Own

The Paranoyds
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“Eat Their Own” is the newest release by LA garage-rock outfit The Paranoyds. While only a brief fifteen minutes in runtime, each tracks provides a dense cacophony of fuzz and sensational hooks. The opening track “Pet Cemetery” is an atmospheric introduction to an album defined by its playful combination of humor and menace. As the guitars snarl over layers of 1960s fuzz, frontwoman Staz Lindes growls with a tone invitingly lackadaisical. “Freak Out” is a Stereolab-esque jam that’s been kissed by the Californian sun. “Bear” continues in this fashion. Krautrock synth rhythms combine with Brian Tristan inspired guitar riffs. This a fun and short listen, and I’m sure to spin it in the upcoming weeks.

Sounds Like: 
The Cramps
Recommended Tracks: 
Pet Cemetery- riffs and vocals oozing with charm, as well as ooze.
Freak Out- Fun synth, fun chorus.
Calvin Wolfe
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