Sin Fang
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Morr Music
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I am very pleased with this album--it is really easy to listen to as its unique sounds not only keep you engaged but also relax your mind. I think the album name "Spaceland" is a good fit as the music makes you feel like you're floating around in a psychedelic space. I listened to the album while studying but I wouldn't say the songs are "background music"--they have more depth than that. They are soft, fluffy, with good lyrics and variation in the electronic composition. Sometimes, for albums that have an electronic foundation, they start to sound similar, but I can guarantee that this is not that kind of album. Though many of the tracks give off a very light and airy sensation, each song has a unique characteristic--whether it be the instrumentation, the tempo or the vocals. This is definitely something worth giving a listen to.

Sounds Like: 
The Chainsmokers
Sounds Like: 
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1 candyland (ft.jónsi):good electronic mixing with nice chorus
6 please don't (ft.farao):features female vocals and most upbeat song in the whole album
2 not ready for your love:slow intro and then speeds up
Hibah Ilyas
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