Laisse Ça Être

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Aquaserge plays Zeuhl-influenced music. Zeuhl is a combination of Jazz and Progressive Rock, invented by French-Prog band Magma in the 1970s and sung in a made up language called Kobaïan. It's pretty much the most niche genre to ever exist (wikipedia lists 8 other Zeuhl bands total) but it's also very memorable. I can't find anything online to back up my assertion, but they have to be a little influenced by it. Aquaserge play a weird, colorful, playful melding of jazz and prog, with kooky vocals and psychedelic flourishes everywhere, I didn't even know they made music like this anymore! On "Tintin On Est Bien Mon Loulou" Aquaserge plays heavy stoner rock bass lines with stabs of brass over top, then it all drops out into a hypnotic prog groove. Other songs are slow groovy, noisy jams that remind me of Serge Gainsbourg, especially in their bass lines. Parts of the album even sound like Tame Impala, both old and new. It's a crazy mix of sounds, but Aquaserge really make it work, check it out. 

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Sounds Like: 
Serge Gainsbourg
Sounds Like: 
Tame Impala
Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Fela Kuti
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Fire! Orchestra
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1 Tour Du Monde: Heavy bass lines, jazzy sax, sing-song vocals.
2 Virage Sud: The drums and synth sound like it could be on a Tame Impala record. Hypnotic bass.
Andrew Boring
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