Devil Is Fine

Zeal and Ardor
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MVKA Records
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Zeal and Ardor has been described as slave folk metal, folk mixed with black metal, and more. I think the slave narrative mixed with black metal with rpm influences is more accurate. However you want to describe this album, it’s beautiful. A lot of metal albums aren’t beautiful, they’re brutal, rough, adrenaline kicking and more. But this is chilling and empowering. This metal blends so well with the folk that you almost forget that its two different genres. The rpm is not distracting or overpowering, it adds to the creepy yet intriguing beauty of this album. This is black metal that would pride the likes of Mayhem honestly. This whole album is just a goldmine and needs to be spun. I would suggest this for anyone who digs rpm or metal or is just into some crazy awesome shit. I cannot wait for more Zeal and Ardor. I need more of this music in my life.

Sounds Like: 
slave narratives mixed with black metal and folk
Recommended Tracks: 
4. Come On Down (3:20) - spookiest and coolest track on the album
5. Children's Summon (3:09) - crazy metal, crazy rpm, and super spooky, crazy heavy metal
Alexis Walker
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