All of The Noise EP

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Castlecomer’s self-released All of The Noise EP is your alternative pop fix. This band reminds me a lot of Bad Suns and Two Door Cinema Club, super poppy beats with cool electric guitar riffs. The 5 song EP is really good, feel good pop. The first song “Fire Alarm” has a lot of radio play potential. It is about the beginning stages of falling in love. it is happy, dancy and makes you want to smile while you’re driving with the windows down with the sun hitting your face. I will say that there isn't a lot of variability within the sound so thee songs mesh together but the songs are not bad. Also they created cover art for all the songs and it aesthetically fits with the music.

Sounds Like: 
Bad Suns
Sounds Like: 
Two Door Cinema Club
Recommended Tracks: 
Fire Alarm: feel good song
Get in Line: Another banger
Javi Perez
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