Mannequin Pussy
Non-Airable Tracks: 
2. Romantic
Audiotree Live
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Romantic by Mannequin pussy is at it's core an 'art-rock' album. The album featuring wailing, distorted guitar tones with plenty of low end, tight and sporadic bass grooves, cascading pounding drums, and screamed vocals. The album is a good mix between more 'punk' songs, which are quick and painful, and more laid back 'rock' songs, with clearer vocals and a slower tempo. Overall the album is a very energetic and hard hitting album at times, with a good balance of moments of solace from the violent eruptions of sound. Only two of the tracks are longer than two minutes, so even the slower songs on this are relatively quick. I think there's essentially something for everyone in this album. Track 6: Denial, is a much more 'standard' strack, and almost sounds like a pop song, which is not a bad thing by any means. This is in great contrast to a track like number 3: Ten, which is a very explosive and 'hair splitting' track in the best way possible.

Sounds Like: 
Perfect Pussy
Sounds Like: 
The Pixies
Sounds Like: 
Recommended Tracks: 
3. Ten
6. Denial
Zekeriya Efe
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