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        "MILAULONGTIME" is Mila J's 7-track Valentines Day mixtape. Although it's a Valentines drop, the songs are pretty diverse in moods. The opening track MOVE is a trap banger with that 'fuck the haters' type of vibe. FUCKBOY is a funky r&b song, probably holds the record for r&b song with the most f-bombs. YESTERDAY is a trap ballad featuring I.Rich. The vocals and instrumentals on this song flow really well. I'm sold on I.Rich, his vocals on this track were angelic and made the song stand out. TRPSX is a trap/cloud r&b song repeating the same hook throughout the song. This track is more about feeling the beats than dropping lyrical knowledge. NEW CRIB is a trap ballad and the longest song on the album at four and a half minutes. This track didn’t really stand out to me. BODY is a r&b/trap ballad with bump & grind lyrics. THE LONG WAY is an upbeat love song with a island/trap/r&b sounding instrumental. It reminds me of Michael Jackson's Human Nature. Overall the mixtape is good; it has its bangers and ballads that are diverse enough to please all ears of hip-hop heads. My only gripe is that Mila J can get too repetitive with her lyrics. Some would argue that it resembles Pop music; repetitive lyrics to make the song more memorable from the first listen. Give it a listen, it's a mixtape so it's super easy to find.



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Sounds Like: 
Jhene Aiko
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TRPSX: Mellow sensual cloud r&b jam. 5/5
THE LONG WAY: Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" sounding sample. Upbeat love song 5/5
Brieana Sealy
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