Nothing 2 Live 4

22 Savage
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Travis James Entertainment
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22 Savage, not to be confused with the totally not famous rapper 21 Savage, has a new mixtape called "Nothing 2 Live 4." While it may seem that 22 Savage has so many things to live for (his hos, his money, his hood, and his reputation), surprisingly enough he still has nothing to live for. Maybe it's because people still think that 21 Savage is better than 22 Savage? Don't be confused, as 22 Savage says, "this ain't 21 b****, this 22!" He makes that abundantly clear in the first track. Many people will say that his song "Ain't No 21" sounds just like 21 Savage; but if anything, it's the opposite! 21 Savage sounds like 22. 21's song "No Heart" totally copied 22's song "Pay For It", not the other way around! Even though I clearly am a huge fan of 22 Savage, I will have to say that if you like the copycat 21 Savage then you will probably find most of the tracks on "Nothing 2 Live 4" somewhat enjoyable. If you have a 21 Savage taste then you'll find that this mixtape doesn't go as hard (but that's just because you're biased and don't know what a real savage sounds like).

Okay, obviously that was all a joke. If you want to play a knockoff 21 Savage then most of the songs on here are it. "Rain" is probably the only song that doesn't sound like a knockoff of somebody else.

Sounds Like: 
21 Savage - ... Does this really need an explanation?
Sounds Like: 
Young Thug - Sings like him on "rain"
Recommended Tracks: 
"Ain't No 21" (****) - You sure? Basically 21 Savage
"Pay For It" (***) - Beat sounds like "No Heart"
"Rain" (****) - An unusually soft song and not a 21 knockoff
Alli Gilbreath
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