The Incessant

Meat Wave
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This record is one of the better punk releases of late. It seems like a lot of punk rock and garage rock records as of late are tending to all sound the same. This is one of the more rough sounding releases.  Meat Wave teamed up with Steve Albini, a legendary recording engineer, so I knew it had potential to be a good listen. It is a good edgy and angsty punk record. The front man Chris Sutter is definitely going through a lot emotionally and it is evident in his lyrics. You really have to be in the right mood to enjoy this record but if you are, it is a pretty good listen.

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Plague Vendor
Recommended Tracks: 
3. Run You Out: nice upbeat punk track
8. The Incessant: good hook and cool guitars
Daniel Clark
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