I Decided.

Big Sean
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Big Seans drops a new album, I Decided., followed from his previous 2015 album release Dark Sky Paradise that features some big names such as Kanye West, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Drake, etc. This new album includes a whole other line up of other big artists that include Eminem, Jeremih, Migos, and more.

The albums begins with a slow intro with a guy talking with god and how discussing how is life could have been more. It could have been more meaningful by taking care of family, job and the people around him. This intro leads into a whole array of potential found in the following tracks. The second trackLight, features Jeremih brings in another slow song but a little bit more uptempo almost sounding like a second intro song of the album before we starting hearing the familar Big Sean hits. Track three is the famous Bounce Back track that brings back his catchy beats. It communicates line after line that often communcate that past experiences that have challenged him but yet has remained persistent as a mainstream artist to "bounce back" hence the chorus, "Last night I took a L, but tonight I bounce back. Wake up every morning, by the night, I count stacks." Track four is a more serious song called No Favors that features the real Slim Shady, Eminem. Big Sean provides good lean beats in this track along with a solid verse of his own, but the highlight was Eminem. His verse comes in the middle throwing out line after line like rant after rant as if Em has lots to let out on recent events. A good track to listen to over and over. Track five, Jump Out The Window, is a more mellow, fun beat, story telling song turning the song into a more romantic direction. Track six is called Moves is another top track. It is a shorter but one that will want to temporarily turn things down in a club. It is a descent track and quite catchy. Track seven is called Same Time Pt. 1 that features TW