Visions EP

G Jones
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Fuck What You Heard
Illusory Records
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            G Jones has done it again. The Visions EP is 23 minutes of your life that you will not get back, not that you will you want to get back.  While trying to come up with comparisons to other artists G Jones is a possibly more glitchy Bassnectar. Jones definitely stayed true to his style in the “Visions” EP. After seeing G Jones DESTROY Gem and Jam I could not be more excited to review this EP.

            Each track on the EP seems to be better than the last. The EP begins with the title track ‘Visions’ which has an opening that you would expect from Excision; it quickly transforms into a song that incorporates all the best elements of bass house, trap and dubstep. ‘Visions’ is followed by ‘Pull Up.’ ‘Pull Up’ is substantially more dubstep influenced. The song is incredibly glitchy, but catchy at the same time, it’s a bassheads’ wonderland.

            ‘Pull Up’ is followed by ‘Helix’ which only takes 16 bars to get into its drop. It is another glitch dub-trap song that makes my soul happy. ‘Helix’ is a short track with basically nothing but constant bass. Following ‘Helix’ is ‘Signal’ which is a very trance-like track with a filthy dubstep breakdown. This song elicits memories of me having to put my poi away as he dropped it at Gem and Jam. At one point in the song the world “original” is shouted out; which is one of the only way to describe this track (or entire EP for that matter). If you’re looking for a song to trance out to, which will also melt your face ‘Signal’ is the song for you.

            ‘Collision Course’ is a straight banger. From cop car sirens to a filthy bassline this song has got me jamming (even though I thought the cop sounds were real the first time while listening to the track in my car).  While ‘Colision Course’ itself is an amazing track it is simply a warm-up to ‘Fuck What You Heard.’ This song is crazy, it’s name says it all; fuck everything you’ve heard before, this is the future of bass music. This may seem like a crazy statement but this sounds like a Bassnectar song if Bassnectar was better at being Bassnectar. Live, this song literally made me melt.

            This is followed by the VIP mix of ‘Lavender Town” which is a constant head banger. This song may be one of the more “trappy” tracks on the album. It is also short and to the point, being only 2 minutes and 24 seconds long it leave no room for frills, just bass. ‘We See it Clear’ is the final track on the EP. It is the perfect ending to an extremely intense EP. It is a very trippy and almost relaxing song. This song is like the slow track at the end of a roller coaster that just gave you the most intense adrenaline rush of your life.

            Basically I’m saying that this EP is amazing and should be listened to by anyone that is into electronic music. I truly believe that G Jones will blow up in the not so near future and will be a main stage headline much like Bassnectar. I cannot wait until his next release.

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Fuck What You Heard: Simply amazing, just trust me.
Pull Up: Hybrid of trap and dubstep. Straight filthy.
Nicholas Sergeant
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