Stillness in Wonderland

Little Simz
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2016 Age 101
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 Little Simz aka Simbi Ajikawo introduces her concept album "Stillness in Wonderland" with LMPD, one of the wittiest constructions of lyrics I have heard all year, throwing in references to the heroes of black culture in America, Garvey, to Marley, to Martin Luther King, she even weaves in references to the pineal gland ( the third eye, soul reservoir as it is also called.) Her music rides on dark vibes, heavy trill beats, anger dripping in the background without distracting from the integrity that her sound holds itself to. Her music should be taken seriously, not only as an up and coming rap artist, because yes this lady will certainly be coming up, but more so in the sense that these lyrics hold truths. Truths on the state of the nation, playing off the idea of "Alice in Wonderland" carried through her album through this idea of America as a Wonderland, America, land of the free, a land where dreams come true, where anything could come true, and she exposes it for its facades. Repeating this idea of her people and a commitment she has to her people, seemingly a new mindset to not abandon her people, not to let her idols down. She also has some straight up feel good, empowering dripping feminine self love in a tough way. If you like Rihanna or Kate Tempest you should check out this album. If you have heard her previous work, this album certainly wont disappoint. If you haven't heard her older work you really, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, you should really check it out, along with this full album.  Kendrick Lamar has said that Little Simz is doing the hottest music right now if that docent make you wanna play this on air I don't know what will, but I'll keep trying. Not all the songs are heavy in this Wonderland concept, songs like "Bad to The Bone" is just a chill trappy lady singing about how cool she is, and she certainly backs it up. Her speed is incredibly fast, flow like a genius.   BEST CD I HAVE REVIEWED THUS FAR. 

Sounds Like: 
Aesop, Raury
Sounds Like: 
Rhianna, 330, Kate Tempest
Recommended Tracks: 
1 - LMPD
5 - One in Rotation
6- Shotgun
15- No More Wonderland
7- Picture Perfect
Ellery Page
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