I'm Better - Single

Missy Elliot Ft. Lamb
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When Katy Perry brought out the legendary Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot out as a guest performer for her 2015 Super Bowl Half-Time Show performance, it made me realize that Missy Elliot has been absent from the music world for quite some time. Her last record The Cookbook was released back in 2005 - 12 years ago, with her last single "WTF (Where They From) being released back in 2015. A little over 2 weeks ago, Missy surprised the world with a brand new single AND a music video, and garnered a good amount of attention for it. Her latest single "I'm Better" may be a sign that Missy Elliot is finally ready to release a new album - even if it's not what fans are used to.

"I'm Better" is further proof that Elliot isn't ready to retire. With a guest rapping spot from hip-hop producer Lamb (who happens to be the man behind the hook), the song is relatively modern. While not as ambitious as Elliot's previous works (let's not forget the absolute fucking bangers "Work It" and "Lose Control"), "I'm Better" is a slow, trap song that hits fairly hard. The lyrics aren't anything special or anything that rappers nowadays don't rap about, but the main difference is that it's Missy freaking Elliot spitting badass verses, with line such as "Man, I'm 3000 I'm Andre / Yo Missy talk big I'm so grande / Bruce Lee on the beat, I don't compete with none of these geeks / I just rant like I'm Kanye".

In a time where female rappers still haven't really taken flight, it's nice to see a heavyweight such as Missy Elliot return to the world of hip-hop. This may not be her best song ever, but it sure as hell goes just as hard, or maybe even harder than some of the most popular trap songs that have been released recently. Definitely check this out, it's about time that Elliot returned to the spotlight!

P.S., watch the video!! It's classic Elliot, with insane visuals and awesome choreography.

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Missy Elliot, except trap as fuck
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I'm Better - Straight fucking fire
Roy Santa Cruz
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