Stef Chura
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Urinal Cake
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2017 is going to be a big year for Stef Chura. After slowly amassing a large following in her home state of Michigan, she's released her debut full length album Messes on Urinal Cake. Chura has a tremendous talent for taking the standard rock format and flipping on its head. Her vocal delivery throughout Messes is second to none. Tracks like "Slow Motion" and "Human Being" that played by any other band would sound stale, but with the lineup of Chura, Fred Thomas and Ryan Clancy, they sound essential. There is an obvious homage to many early alt artists in here like Built to Spill, but it avoids the pitfalls of mere imitation. A solid record front to back from the burgeoning Detroit artist.

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Built to Spill
Sounds Like: 
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Slow Motion: terrific, catchy single
Human Being: slower song, moody and enthralling
Nick Kivi
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