Bless Up

Shinobi Ninja
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Shinobi Ninja LLC.
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Although music can be used express messages to its audience or stand for some higher politcal agenda, there's nothing wrong with using music as a medium to simply be enjoyed, or to be fun to listen to. Shinobi Ninja, a rock band that hails from Brooklyn, New York, is a band that falls under the latter. I had never heard of Shinobi Ninja prior to listening to their latest self-released album titled Bless Up, and decided to check out their upcoming album that is set to be released in March. Althoug I originally only planned to give it a listen because the group followed me on Twitter, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bless Up is actually an extrememly engaging listen, and I had a ton of fun listening to it.

Let me start by saying that this is not your ordinary hip-hop inspired band. On Bless Up, Shinobi Ninja blend a variety of genres together with absolute ease, and it rarely sounds forced or awkward. From metal to electronic to hardcore-punk breakdowns, Bless Up never sounds mundane, and each song is unique in its own way. I also really liked the fact that there are 2 vocalists, one female and male, and felt that they matched each other very well and made the songs all the more interesting to listen to. On the chugging rock-anthem opener "Subcon", the band immediately lets you know that they are here to tear shit up. Most of the songs are upbeat and were definitely made to get the crowd moving, such as "Bang Bang" and "Bending Spoons". While I enjoyed most of the album, the only song that I found myself unintersted in was "Unswayable", which I felt was the only dud on the 11-track album. However, the rest of the album is filled with nonstop bangers. "Programmable Animal" showcases the best fusion of genres on the album, switching from a headbanging rock tune to an AWESOME genre switch to