Worst Case Scenario

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  "Worst Case Scenario" is a primarily an instrumental album. ( The exceptions being track 3, 5, 8, and 11 ) and even the exceptions are kept to a minimal amount of verbal input, just a few lines repeated on a loop. The mood of the whole album is ambient and chill, calm and contemplative. The album is perfect study music, long drive music, and absolutely perfect to do some improve free styles over if your into slamming and rapping. What I like about the album is the cohesion of the instrumental element with the title, "worst case scenario" this is why I feel like it's music that should be rapped on top of, by the audience, a call to artists to say what they fear to be their worst case scenario, in light of recent political events it makes quite a bit of sense. My favorite track on the album is track 7 - Thiscouldbeus, it has a breathy hyperventilation in the background and light bouncy, sparkling beats on top. There are a lot of jazzy elements to the music as well, hints of percussion, trumpets (track 8 ), finger snapping, and piano beats, all blended electronically and composed into a chill vibe album. This album especially the instrumental tracks would be great for talking over on your show. 

Track by Track Vibes 

01 Nollieflip - "lets do it" repeated methodically, chill ambient vibes, percussion elements, and a heavy rhombic beat in the background at medium speed.   

02 Gyoza - A much slower track, more atmospheric in vibe, like you could almost hear birds chirping faint electronic string like elements trickle in the background.

03 Shibuya (ft.Budamonk) - Another slow track, piano elements are stronger and "ba da da" is faintly sung in the background by a female vocalist

04 Spur of the moment - Pace picks back up to a medium methodic beats and a little faint trumpet plays in the background like a sad love song, there seems to be some flute elements at the end of the track, woodsier and nymph like. 

05 Maharaja (ft. allie) Slows down again, gets breathy, featuring a female singer, husky and delicious her voice drips over the chill vibes and piano rifts of the song with an almost tambourine element in the back 

06 Perchance to Dream - Beat gets heavier, darker, more somber but at a faster pace, a symbol is struck and a low rumbling sound swim behind the piano rifts, a seductive slow beat. 

07 Thiscouldbeus - The pace picks up, faster then medium, with a husky hyperventilation in the background noise it has high pitched beats creating a melody in the foreground. 

08 Caviar (ft.Octavio Santos)- The Jazziest song on the album, almost sounds like swing, very groovy and danceable, hand clapping, finger snapping, and whimsical rifts

09 Cookies and Cream - More tech sounding, pointer, sharper beats, a faster melody, has video game sounding elements to it with a general ascending feeling, medium paced

10 SweetDreams - synth sounding beats, create a dream like vibe, like walking through an acid trip in a 1950's stream

11 Last Breath (ft.ImanOmari) - seductive, very slow, very atmospheric, "tell me what would you say if..." love song lyrics float over the synth beats slowly and heavy like dripping honey, the most lyrically heavy song. the voice is layered over itself, the chorus is dreamlike, slow and soft. 

12 Come to Me - higher pitched, more bouncy, faster paced, almost funky jazz like vibes, a real head bobber, hip twister, foot tapper. 


Sounds Like: 
Apollo Brown's album "Clouds"
Sounds Like: 
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1 - Nollieflip
6- Perchance to Dream
7- Thiscouldbeus
Ellery Page
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