The Expos
Non-Airable Tracks: 
Warped Your Records
Album Art: 

Wow, what an album. Every track clocks in at a length of under 30 seconds, leading to the album being under 10 minutes, but why should that hold back any jam. The tracks are electrifying, featuring instrumentation that is drenched in rock n roll but also delves into a realm of experimentation that is interesting and adds a dynamic layer. Overall, a very fun album that passes by in an instant but can be replayed over and over until the riffs can be sung anywhere you are. It has a very Tony Molina vibe but doesn’t dwell on that and creates its own sound that crafts intriguing layers and interesting additions.

Sounds Like: 
Tony Molina
Recommended Tracks: 
License to Shred
Nathan Gosnell
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