Gone Gone Beyond

Gone Gone Beyond
Non-Airable Tracks: 
Human Experience Creations
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This album is just really really beautiful and just simply instrumental and relaxing. The vocals that appear occasionally are just splendid and I love how soulful they are. This feels like less rpm and more singer/songwriter coffee shop music – but better. It’s really hard to explain because this album feels like an experience. With touches of rpm, alt, and world, this album feels relaxing and plays like a beautiful story book. The simple touches of world drums add to the beat and make it more melodic. The rpm element is not too overwhelming because the album really focuses on the vocals. I would say this album is an rpm world mash up with far away dream-like vocals. This album is really soulful and one could say this is romance in a CD. 

Sounds Like: 
folksy rpm album with earthy vocals
Recommended Tracks: 
2. Carnival (5:23) - slower, more political, sadder sound, more rpm
4. Backswing (3:29) - it gives me goosebumps
Alexis Walker
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