Daniel Son; Necklace Don

2 Chainz
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#1 Intro
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As you can imagine by the name and the album art of the project, the direction and theme borrow influences from The Karate Kid and any other stereotypical, westernized view of Asian culture. The tape opens with an offensive Asian accent complete live action karate sounds to bring the accompanying artwork full circle. The sounds of robust 808’s and the fawning over his codeine addiction highlight that he is certainly in his element, however Daniel Son quickly grows redundant, hypocritical, and forgettable three tracks in. For example, on the track "Chirp", the hook boasts about setting an alarm for people biting his style but the first verse starts off doing just that, taking from Desiigner with “I got Bloods in Savannah, I got Crips on Old National/on ya hoe like a fashion, pinky ring on Alaska.” Hopelessness for anything resembling entertainment value diminishes when you reach probably the best track on the mixtape, “Big Amount" featuring Drake. 2 Chainz continues to phone it in with a melody that sounds like wind blowing through a very small hole in the wall of your home. It was disappointing seeing this level of laziness after such good albums like "Based on a T.R.U. Story" and "B.O.A.T II". The charm, silliness, and infectious chants backed by powerful percussion that first drew us to 2 Chainz aren’t consistent enough to equate to a dope product this time around. Although the only good thing about this mixtape is that it is just that, a mixtape. We can only hope that any forthcoming albums don't follow the same path that his music has been taking lately. Beyond the seemingly corny-on-purpose bars, the only redeeming quality in the music is its ability to be so ignorant, you can’t help but laugh. Finally, the main positive takeaway from Daniel Son; Necklace Don is that 2 Chainz might be the first rapper to successfully use a semicolon in an album title.

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Chief Keef
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Juicy J
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Meek Mill
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Ace Hood
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#7 "Big Amount" (feat. Drake)
Jacob Sky Bruse
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