3 For Three

Gucci Mane
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Atlantic Recording Corporation
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I was curious to see what Gucci Mane did upon getting out of prison. Would it be a somber, reflective project about dealing with the trappings of fame while maintaining your initial identity and ethos, or the utter bangers that we all wanted to hear? Thankfully, it was the latter. Gucci has been expanding his brand lately, producing the chart-topping hit Black Beatles, but he is still able to make great rap songs. This was a small EP release of three songs, but all of them are awesome. He boasts and is incredibly cocky on these songs, but deservedly so. Ever, Wasn't Me, and Sir Brix a Lot show Gucci's signature style, and he lays down lyrics and beats like he never had to take a break from the music game. This release sounds like someone who thinks they are on top of the music scene, but that's because he is. Producing good party-rap songs takes a level of intuitiveness and creative drive that rivals any critically-acclaimed artist, and Gucci absolutely knows what people want to hear. This is not a musical release as much as a statement, and the utter bangerosity of this project forces me to agree with it. This is a very timely "welcome back," release.

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Travis Scott
Sounds Like: 
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Wasn't Me- this utterly rocks, and is incredibly catchy
Ever- best track on the release, this shows Gucci's willingness to return to the scene
Will Fotter
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