When I'm Not Around

Dutch Boy
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Dutch Boy
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If Chris Brown and Travis Scott had a mysterious love child, this is it fam. Where has Dutch Boy been?!?! His voice needs to be spread! Amazing production, vocals, and instrumentation. Quality work that I feel needs more credit. He has a smooth side, but tries to go hard where he doesn’t need to. I feel he can excel just by singing the good silky melodies. No need for him to act tough or anything, he’s chill as it is, and I think that could sell. The album has good dynamics with cold hard hitting bass, and zesty piano. This is a really good album, that I think could be on par with Birds in the Trap or starboy. It may not be on that perfection level, however you’ll like this album if you like those.

Sounds Like: 
Travis Scott
Sounds Like: 
Chris Brown
Sounds Like: 
The Weeknd
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Nu Jersey
Alex Paris
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