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Tucson-based Vision That's mixtape demonstrates Vision That's (Renk Remy and Zee) variety of skills in hip-hop music production. The mixtape is literally a mix which is refreshing since most rappers stick to one type of sound and that's it. There's a total of 16 tracks and most of them sound pretty different compared to each other both in terms of beat and rap. Track 1 starts out with a beat that immediately had me nodding my head followed with charismatic rapping that really had me relating the ambition Zee has. One of the lines that really stood out to me was, "It's not about what you've done, it's about what you're doing." It'd be encouraging to see them keep this humble and ambitious character if they move up in popularity. Listening to a grass roots group like Vision That really made me appreciate the skill that is in my own hometown and how they're working harder or as hard as popular artists that don't understand the struggle anymore. Track 2 has a voice autotuned to demonically low like most popular artists, such as Tyler the Creator, do. It's kind of ironic talking about popular artists and then comparing their sound to them but it's hard to ignore that they definitely took notes from most popular rappers.

Track 3 has a delicate piano intro to accompany the pop based beat. At first I thought the song was going to be a cute love song. But then the explicit description of Remy's girl "bouncing" made me nearly roll my eyes backward. I should've expected this considering how many rappers pull the explicit description card instead of a lyrics that would actually make the girl feel loved and appreciated. However, that didn't take away from the fact that Remy knows how to keep the pace and can even do the sing-rap that Big Sean and Drake do flawlessly. Track 4 and Track 5 immediately had me pumped up. Play either one of these while you're working out and you'll be pumping more iron than usual (at least I know that I did). The beat goes hard in both of the songs so I would recommend either one. Track 7 samples Drake's song "Come Thru" which is pretty cool considering they have a sound somewhat similar to him in other songs. The only criticisms that I have for this mixtape is sometimes the rapping feels monotone or lacks passion or sometimes it simply feels offbeat. Other than that, however, I enjoyed this mixtape more than I could possibly imagine. Best part about loving local musicians is you have a higher chance of seeing them live and I hope to do that with Vision That.

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Pusha T
Sounds Like: 
Big Sean (when they sing-rap)
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Track 5 (*****) - Sounds like music they'd play in a sports game with the classic trumpet sounds and hard rap
Track 8 (****) - That 80s synth sound though!
Alli Gilbreath
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