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ALL (except 10, 14, 16, 17)
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Sweet, sexy, savage. Kehlani's pretty good at summarizing her own album within its title. Granted just like sweet foods, Kehlani's album "SweetSexySavage" is fills your hunger at first but then as you have more and more of it, you eventually get tired of it. I get that Kehlani knows her sound and what is good for her but after about five songs having the same classic R&B sound, I didn't want to listen to the rest. Kehlani has a beautiful voice that glides over every note effortlessly like the classic R&B singers. This doesn't mean that she should rely off of the same R&B beats that compliment her voice. About 85% of the songs on the album have similar beats and even melodies to compliment her voice. She doesn't stretch herself to try and hit a note that's out of her range or anything that would maybe demonstrate the amount of skill she has. However, her lyricism has surprisingly improved. Rather than spitting basic lyrics, Kehlani says some pretty relatable things, especially in "In My Feelings" where she describes being hopelessly in love in a more relatable and modern way than other artists. Other than a select few songs, the majority of the songs still can't rely on the lyrics enough for each of them to be amazing songs as well. If you want some basic R&B, this is the album. It's good but it's nothing specatcular. Hopefully Kehlani will move on to more descriptors than sweet, sexy, and savage for her music.

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
Ella Mai
Recommended Tracks: 
3. Distraction (****) - The sweet and sexy minus the savage. Her vocals are sweet and smooth like butter
6. CRZY (****) - The most savage song on the album. "If I'm gonna be a bitch, I'm gonna be a bad one!"
13. Too Much (***) - Has an old school R&B beat to it but pretty similar to the other songs
15. In My Feelings (*****) - Favorite song on the album. Faster tempo, cool guitar sound, relatable lyrics about being hopelessly in love
Alli Gilbreath
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