August Burns Red-Messengers Ten Year Anniversary Tour

August Burns Red
Protest the Hero
Concert Date: 
Mon, 01/30/2017
Age Restriction: 
The Rock-Tucson, Arizona

Recently I was given the chance to photograph August Burns Red and their special guests on their ten year anniversary tour for “Messangers,” their first album with current vocalist Jake Luhrs. The show was on a Saturday night at the rock and the building was PACKED. I’ve been to many shows at the rock and have never seen it as filled as it was this night. Even the bar area was crammed with people jumping and headbanging.

The show was opened by a band called ’68. ’68, a rock duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist Josh Scogin (the former vocalist of Norma Jean) and drummer Michal McClellan, was more than entertaining. Their style was soulful yet aggressive and was the perfect warm-up for the night to come. ’68 had a refreshing punk sound and certainly got the crowd moving.

Following ’68 was the Australian metalcore group In Hearts Wake. In Hearts Wake really got the crowd going, With a powerful mix of screamed and clean vocals I couldn’t keep myself from head banging in the crows nest. Many bands sound quite different live than they how they sound on their albums, but In Hearts Wake is just as good if not better than their recordings while performing live.  Other than August Burns Red, In Heats may well have been the best and most energetic set of the night. At one point their lead vocalist, Jake Taylor, even rode an inflatable alligator into the crowd. It was a riot to say the least.

Protest the Hero followed In Hearts Wake. Protest the hero was the only band not to feature many screamed or shouted vocals. While not having extremely metal vocals they stuck to their punk routs. Protest the Hero definitely spent more time communicating with the crowd in between songs longer than any other band. Being from Canada they made fun of Arizona’s hockey team and the United Stats’ current political situation, which grew many laughs from the crowd.

And then what can be Said about August Burns Red. They turned the packed room into a frenzy. Their stage setup was magnificent, constantly changing lighting produced an aggressive and ominous vibe throughout their set. August burns red always has the most intense crowds. Not a single person was left standing still.  Jake Luhrs is an absolute monster on stage. Even sitting in the crows nest I felt like he was right in my face. They’re set was a great mix of ABR’s older work and new work in support of their most recent album Found in Far Away places (2015) Overall I thought the show was a wonderful array of headbanging and angst that seems to missing from most shows these days.


Nicholas Sergeant