Nothing Feels Natural

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        I was really hoping to love Nothing Feels Natural, I really was, but it's just not for me. Opening song "Appropriate" is indicative of the album, in that it starts out with lots of energy and anger, and it just turns into a void of moody mush, saxophone and all. The first two singles "Jj" and "Pink White House" are some of the best songs of the year, and while the follow up single "Nothing Feels Natural" is more tuneful and still pretty good, they shouldn't have used it as a template. The rest of the album is full of moody, dissonant vocals that abandon the ferocity that made previous songs like "And Breeding" (from the Bodies and Control and Money and Power EP) such promising songs for first Priests LP.

...Ok I was just reading around, I guess vocalist Katie Alice Greer had to mellow out because she was killing her voice from screaming and yelling. That's fair enough, but considering how much I love the vocals on the first two singles, I don't think she has to shred her vocal cords for me to like their music. Anyway, I know Colin loves this record and I'm sure others at the station will as well, you should definitely check it out. The title track seems to be the most popular for some reason, maybe you'll like the whole record and think I'm wrong in all my criticism. I'd love to discuss it with you all. 

Sounds Like: 
Sounds Like: 
X-Ray Spex