The Return of East Atlanta Santa

Gucci Mane
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       This album is Gucci Mane's December 2016 release, following the first two studio releases  "Everybody Looking" and "Woptober."  There isn't an overflow of features on the album which is great. Gucci only included the essentials, Drake, Bryson Tiller, and Travis Scott. When rappers start out earlier in their career they tend to depend on features for a spectrum of reasons. For example, Gucci had six features on his first album "Trap House" released in 2005. With a discography of over 70 mixtapes and studio albums, Gucci is experienced enough to only work with artists he wants to, not because he needs to. 

       The St. Brick Intro is a trap rendition of Jingle Bells; the instrumental of the Christmas carol plays throughout the song. I recommend you add this song to your Christmas playlist if you're the type of person who spikes nutmeg. I Can't stands out to me on this album for having the classic Gucci Mane sound. Songs like Both,  Drove U Crazy, and Last Time have a fusion of Gucci Mane's sound and the most recognizable sounds of the featured artist. Overall the album is a banger, there is only one ballad at the end of the album called Greatest Show on Earth. The songs have a tendency to sound the same but it's trap rap so that happens. I suggest skipping the ballad and adding the whole album to your party playlist. Just shuffle the songs so people don't think you're playing the same song over again. Give the album a listen! 

Sounds Like: 
Yo Gotti
Sounds Like: 
Wake Flocka Flame
Recommended Tracks: 
Drove U Crazy: Bryson Tiller bodies the chorus and his verse 5/5.
I Can't: Classic Gucci, definitely a banger 5/5
Both: Drake verse and chorus w/ a Back 2 Back sounding beat.
Brieana Sealy
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