Life Without Sound

Cloud Nothings
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Carpark Records
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The Cloud Nothings have done it again! Their newest album Life Without Sound is hard to call anything but amazing.

Life Without Sound is personally my favorite Cloud Nothings album to date, although I still strongly believe that “Stay Useless” and “Not Part of Me” are still their best tracks. But Life Without Sound but the album as a whole album has more “bangers” for lack of better words than any of their past records.

Life Without Sound starts off strangely; it starts with a song called “Up To The Surface” that leads in with a catchy piano riff. Right when I heard that piano come in I knew that this album was going to be different than the rest of their discography. It was, but not too much had changed the Cloud Nothings still had their good old fuzzy guitars, catchy vocals and brilliant lyrics. Personally when hearing that opening riff to the album I was expecting the band to be evolved since they haven’t put out an album in three years. But they really didn’t. I still love their sound but it was just like listening to their old stuff but maybe with a little more pop in their lyrics.

The album really caught my attention and dragged me in when I heard the chorus of “Things Are Right with You”. The “feel right, feel right, feel right, feel lighter” part was just like hell yeah this was I was waiting for in from the Cloud Nothings, although I have always loved their brighter and more poppy songs.

If you are more of a fan of the catchier songs in their old work then you will absolutely love this album, it has so many more catchy and lighter songs than their previous work. But even if you prefer their heavier songs there is still something for you, towards the end of the album they throw in a couple heavy tracks. So I find i