Japanese Wallpaper EP

Japanese Wallpaper
Non-Airable Tracks: 
Zero Through Nine
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This album has a very chill and groovy vibe. It doesn't incite spontaneous break dancing but it does keep your spirits up. The tracks are relaxing and have a otherworldly sounds, with beats and chimes sounding like twinkling stars and the passage of time while floating through space. The first track Between Friends is my absolute favorite and the remixes are excellent! The lyrics get stuck in your head and the remixes add a more preppy beat to the more slow paced original song. All the tracks have the unique "galaxy" vibe yet they are distinct in the sounds and feelings they evoke--solemnness, happiness, nostalgia. This is something I could listen to over and over again and not act as a distraction while trying to be productive--in fact it stimulates the mind and just makes ideas and creativity flow.

Sounds Like: 
The Wombats
Sounds Like: 
Recommended Tracks: 
7 Between Friends (Anatole Remix): Has a jazzy/funky twist on the original song
1 Between Friends(ft. Jesse Davidson): Has a twinkly feeling with good lyrics
8 Between Friends (Sable Remix): Features fast female vocals and more orchestral instrumentation
Hibah Ilyas
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