Forth Wanderers
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On their Slop EP, New Jersey-based indie pop outfit Forth Wanderers deliver some nice, catchy, downtempo music that's chock full of layered guitars and catchy melodies. The vocals on the album are really clear and well-produced, albeit they do often sound like typical female indie vocals. None of the songs on this EP are particularly exciting, or convey any sense of urgency, but they're all nice and fun and laid back. Most of the songs possess distorted rhythm guitars in the background, with a nice, clean guitar played overtop of it. I'm not 100% sure, but it does sound like lots of the lead guitar on this EP is played with a slide, and I do love me some slide guitar, so I appreciated hearing it used in the EP.

Overall, I wasn't crazy about Slop, because my tastes skew towards more energetic and frantic music, but it was certainly catchy and had a lot of great singing and playing throuhout.

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Diet Cig
Sounds Like: 
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4 - Unfold: Great, bluesy lead guitar
2- Slop: Nice and laid back song with song great vocals and layering on the instrumental
Alex Siegel
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